IQAC Meetings

Objectives of IQAC

  1. To set quality performance indicators in domains of education, research and administration pertaining to Schools and other units of the University.
  2. To develop benchmarks for  quality performance indicators
  3. To develop strategies to evaluate quality performance indicators
    1. To evolve and implement self evaluation proforma for faculty members and executives
    2. To evolve and implement stakeholders’ feedback assessment
    3. To facilitate periodic academic and administrative audit
  4. To develop strategies to improve quality


Sl No Name Designation IQAC E-mail id Mobile no.
1. Prof. Sasmitarani Samanta Vice Chancellor Chairperson [email protected] 9437035188
2. Prof. Saranjit Singh Pro Vice Chancellor Member [email protected] 9439362572
3. Prof. Jnyana Ranjan Mohanty Registrar Member [email protected] 9437306627
4. Prof. Sudarshan Nanda Research Chair Member [email protected] 8763004008
5. Prof Gopal C.Kundu Director, R&D Member [email protected] 9422506548
6. Prof Santosh Kumar Pani CoE Member [email protected] 9861008635
7. Prof Arun Kumar Ray Director, Academics Member [email protected] 9178930350
8. Prof Samresh Mishra Director, Student Affairs Member [email protected] 9437189722
9. Prof Benu Gopal Mohaptra Director, Consultancy Member [email protected] 8895212171
10. Prof Ashok Kumar Sahoo Director, Research (SoT) Member [email protected] 9437282982
11. Brig. (Dr) Ambika Mohanty Principal, KIMS Member [email protected] 9438116539
12. Prof. Bhavani Prasad Panda Director, School of Law Member [email protected] 9937220261
13. Prof. Jayanta Kumar Parida Director, School of Commerce & Economics Member [email protected] 9437229465
14. Prof. Saroj Kumar Mahapatra Director, School of Management Member [email protected] 9937220223
15. Mr Sibananda Mishra Director General, HR Cell Member [email protected] 9861447507
16. Mr Sudhir Satapathy Finance Officer Member [email protected] 9861447507
17. Dr. Shyam Sundar Behura Deputy Director - KSAC Member [email protected] 9178358687
18. Dr. Biswajit Mishra Dean, Quality Assurance Member [email protected] 9437235860
19. Prof Tapas Roy Asst. Director, Rankings Member [email protected] 7749995249
20. Prof. Nachiketa Tarasia Head, EAM Division Member [email protected] 9437131794
21. Rupali Mohanty
School of Biotechnology B.Tech. (3rd Year)
Students Nominee Member [email protected] 8658129181
22. Abhijeet Sahoo
Associate - People & Culture
High Radius Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Alumni Nominee Member [email protected]; [email protected] 7537015373
23. Dr. Shankar M. Venugopal
(Vice President - Technology Innovation & KM, Dean Mahindra Technical Academy
Mahindra & Mahindra. Mahindra Research Valley, Chennai
Employer Nominee Member [email protected] 9962646242
24. Mr Ashok Kumar Panda
(Military College of Mechanical and Electronics Engineering, Secunderbad)
Parent Nominee Member [email protected] 9643117095
25. Prof. Chinmoy Kumar Panigrahi Director, Quality Assurance Member Secretary [email protected] 9439050522

Faculty coordinators for QA Cell (School Level)

Sl. No School Emp. ID QA Coordinators Mobile E-Mail ID
1. Architecture & Planning 105727 Satyam Jyoti  7016605989 [email protected]
2. Applied Science 100179 Mrutyunjay Das  9437013662 [email protected]
3. Biotechnology and Chemical 103738 Rahul Modak  9040442305 [email protected]
4. Civil Engineering 105374 Kshyana Prava Samal 7326996764 [email protected]
5. Computer Engineering 103267 Siddharth Swarup Rautaray  8763999449 [email protected]
105887 Mohit Ranjan Panda 9777999330 [email protected]
104991 Krishna  Chakravarty 8658115387 [email protected]
6. Computer Application 102955 Rabindra Kumar Barik  8763293589 [email protected]
7. Dental Science 300087 Kailash ChandraDas  9437902199 [email protected] 
8. Electronics Engineering 105455 Suman Roy  8240443182 [email protected]
9. Electrical Engineering 102953 Satyaranjan Jena  9437239362 [email protected],
10. Film & Media Sciences 101912 Susanta Bahinipati  9437020613 [email protected]
11. Fashion Technology 102288 Bauri Raula  8763382535 [email protected] 
12. Humanities 101505 Swapnamoyee P Palit  8917460748 [email protected]
13. Language 105316 Sahel Md Delabul Hossain 8084785938 [email protected] 
14. Law 105340 Ramesh Chandra Sethi  8210204152 [email protected]
15. Management 101198 Ashok Kumar Sar  7978046193 [email protected]
16. Mass Communication 105115 Bidu Bhusan Dash 7830666700 [email protected]
[email protected]
17. Mechanical Engineering 104565 Mrutyunjay Jena 9778322175 [email protected]
18. Medical Science 202985 Ratikanta Tripathy  9861330816 [email protected]
19. Nursing 400045 Sanjukta Dixit 9337800632 [email protected]
20. Public Health 105128 Himanshu Sekhar Prdhan 9810185474 [email protected] 
21. Rural Management 103381 Damodar Jena  9556430163 [email protected]
22. Social, Financial and Human Sciences 105703 Giridhari Sahoo  9777063435 [email protected] 
23. Spiritualism and Yogic Sciences 105167 Sanjay Kumar Panda 9938103804 [email protected] 

Guiding Principles

  1. Involvement of stakeholders to evaluate the set quality performance indicators.
  2. Feedback collection, analysis and dissemination of relevant information citing concerns where improvement measures should be taken
  3. To facilitate accreditation and review processes through involving external agencies

Quality Assurance Mechanism


Quality Management Framework

Feedback forms for design & review of syllabus

Please Submit your feedback to Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) directly, through mail ([email protected]) or through Google Form